Environmental Impact


Our commitment to Maine’s environmental sustainability means being accountable for the larger impact we have on our planet. We’re fully aware of the sensitive balance on which our environment depends to support and sustain life and natural systems.

On the Road

By Rail

A Solar Energy Project at Hollis Factory

This 47 acre project, it will be one of the largest contiguous solar arrays in Maine. When opened this will provide a yearly energy production equivalent to the annual electricity use of 1,988 homes and annual greenhouse gas reductions equivalent to removing 2,500 passenger vehicles from the road.

Environmental Impact of Drink Packaging

Weights are for individual 16.9 oz containers. Other values represent 1 million 16.9 oz bottles, cartons, or cans each.

Resources used to make packagingPET Water BottleAluminum CanBeverage CartonGlass BottlePET Soda Bottle
Avg. Container Weight (Grams)8.319.721.8300.622.2
Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Ton CO2 eq.)5015575383141
Fossil Fuel Use (GJ consumed)9581,3421,0564,3202,639
Water Use (Million gallons)4.67.513.728.912.5

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